10 Things we can expect from China in 2014

In an interesting article, McKinsey director Gordon Orr lists his 10 things we can expect from China in 2014 and explains why the term BRIC might be outdated.

In his list, he covers such diverse topics as the evolving role of CIOs in China, predicts upcoming mergers in the logistics sector but also forecasts growing popularity of Chinese soccer teams among European investors.

He spots the rail and solar industry and e-Commerce as the major growth markets.

In 2013, China, one of the four BRIC countries, accounted for 29 percent of global growth. The share of Brazil, Russia, and India together has shrunk to just 7 percent. He finishes the article by suggesting that “it`s time to let the BRIC sink.”

You can read the full commentary on the McKinsey blog.

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