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How to strengthen innovative capabilities in China

China Daily USA recently put together suggestions on how to further strengthen innovative capabilities of China.

The authors Gregerson and Lefrandt criticize that the educational system, they say, does not sufficiently promote creative thinking among the students. A lot of patents are filed but many are not integrated into usable products. Several practices distinguish innovators from followers:

A pre-requisite is asking “uncomfortable questions” as the editors put it into words. Innovators, unlike followers, do not perceive the status quo written in stone. . Even though the way from the idea to the market shelf can be difficult, they accept the challenge. Innovators observe the world like anthropologists, meaning that a product has to be capable of satisfying a need whilst being accepted among the target customers. Networking events, where people with different perspectives meet, can help you to learn more about needs.

Several Chinese companies as their ranking on innovation shows have already incorporated these aspects into their corporate culture. China is on the way of a transformation from a low-cost sourcing country to a location of product development for its own and overseas markets. The creation of a cultural mindset that promotes innovative thinking alongside more investments into R&D will be the key towards it.

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